Electronic Pest Control

The next generation of electronic pest control

If you've struggled with a pest invasion of your home or garden in the past, you may have been forced to use harsh chemicals that can endanger children and pets. Today, there is a new solution on the market called electronic pest control, which involves invisibly "zapping" insects with ultraviolet, sonic or ultrasonic waves.

Electronic pest control devices are completely safe because they use ordinary sound or light waves instead of dangerous chemical pesticides. So say goodbye to those strong-smelling chemical sprays, powders and traps, and say hello to the technological future of pest control!

Choosing Electronic Pest Control Products

Most types of electronic pest control products will work on any insects, indoors or out. However, make sure to choose a device that uses ultraviolet rays if you need to specifically target fruit flies because they do not respond well to other types of electronic devices.

It is important to keep in mind that the initial setup for electronic pest control can be more expensive than a few doses of pesticide treatment. Of course, over time, your unit will more than pay for itself because you will be saving repeated home and garden treatments. Shop wisely and consult electronic pest control reviews for the scoop on which units work and which don't.

For commercial pest control, consider purchasing wholesale electronic pest control devices. These are the same devices marketed toward homeowners but can be purchased at a fraction of the price.

Setting up your Electronic Pest Control Solution

If you're looking for all-around coverage, select one or more indoor electronic pest control devices as well as additional outdoor units for each yard area. Different models have different effective ranges, so consult the manufacturer to find out how many devices should be purchased and where they should be placed for the best coverage.

Some pets are bothered by the harmless, human-inaudible sounds emitted by electronic pest control devices. If your family pet seems bothered, relocate your device to a room farther away from where your pet spends much of its time.

Also, consider purchasing small portable electronic pest control devices, which are perfect for outdoor entertaining at home or trips to the park, campground or lake. These portable devices are also a great and an inexpensive way to protect a small yard without the hassle of any setup.

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