Ideas for sculpting your yard

When you trim your hedges or trees, transplant a flower or introduce rocks into strategic locations of your yard, you're landscaping. Minor landscaping is something that most of us do with a shovel and wheelbarrow; it's been described as any activity that alters the features of a particular section of land and may include the creation of:

  • Structures such as fences or buildings
  • Landforms such as the shape and elevation of the land or water bodies
  • Living things such as flora or other forms of plant life

However, if you own expansive properties or you're looking to make dramatic changes to your yard and garden, you may need to consult a landscaping contractor or a commercial landscaping company. They have the resources and expertise to complete large projects quickly and efficiently. Digging out a swimming pool or moving a few tons of dirt could take weeks or months to do on your own.

Landscaping Design

Any time that you plan a change to your yard in advance, you're dabbling in landscape design. Whether you're putting up a privacy fence, excavating a pond or even adding lighting features around your yard, it's a good idea to plan ahead. This way, you can design these individual changes as part of an orchestrated larger picture and avoid a garish set of enhancements that are at odds with one another.

If you're looking for landscaping ideas, you can meet with a contractor or continue searching online for different tricks and techniques. If you're really stuck, or if you want to actually see a rendition of proposed changes to you yard, you should check out landscaping software.

Landscaping programs allow you to visualize changes to your yard, such as planting shrubs or installing a sprinklers. You can even project what these changes will look like in the future, when trees or shrubs are in full bloom. While these programs are primarily used by professional landscape designers, there are some packages that are available to the general public; these vary dramatically in graphical quality and price.

Keep in mind that, before you start any major backyard landscaping work, you may need to get permits from your municipality. Check with your local city hall to see if you'll need to get their blessing to go ahead with a major project.

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