Potting Benches

Use potting benches to ease back strain

A potting bench provides a useful workspace for gardeners of all levels. Besides keeping garden supplies in one place, garden potting benches provide a level and spacious work area for planting in pots, repotting, dividing plants and other messy garden tasks.

Characteristics of Potting Benches

A good potting bench should be made out of a durable material; wood potting benches are probably the most common. Cedar is a popular wood that is often used for potting benches because it is weather- and rot-resistant, and it ages beautifully, as well. In recent years, potting benches have become available that are made out of recycled plastic or recycled vinyl, which makes for a green option.

The work area of the potting bench needs to be at the right height and sufficiently large to hold several plant pots, garden tools and a watering can, at a minimum. A built-in basin for storing potting soil is a handy feature to have. A shelf above the work surface is a great place to store tools, and shelves or cupboards below provide even more storage space.

If a potting bench is attractive enough, it can also be used for outdoor entertaining. Some people like to store other outdoor tools, such as barbecue utensils, in or on their potting bench. Some potting benches are painted and have stenciled designs along the shelves or the frame, rendering them a charming addition to the garden.

Wheeled garden potting benches are an excellent choice if the potting bench must be moved from one area to another. In this case, there should also be a brake or a way to deactivate the wheels so that the potting bench stays in one place when needed.

How to Buy a Potting Bench

Local plant nurseries, outdoor furniture stores and home improvement stores such as the Home Depot and Lowes are good places to shop for a potting bench. In addition, potting benches are quite simple to build; many websites have home projects for potting benches. An online search for plans and potting benches turns up a large number of resource sites; most of the potting bench plans online are free.

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